Brands & Designers

If you like delicate designs we have you covered.

You can find plenty of intricate styles with meticulous attention to detail in our selection of elegant Carizza engagements rings.

Unique and beautiful touches with amazing details. 

From simple to ornate, our line of Venetti Designer rings are nothing short of spectacular.


Ever & Ever is a thoughtfully curated, customizable bridal collection that inspires brides to create the ring of their dreams.

  Transform a ring you like into a ring you love.


With an emphasis on European design, linear details and the move towards unadorned, simple styling it’s the perfect way to compliment any outfit, giving you the flexibility to wear your Bentelli jewelry anytime, anywhere.

With unmatched skill and a poet’s eye for beauty, Imperial selects only nature’s true masterpieces that reflect ultimate expressions of the five pearl “virtues” – deep and radiant luster, flawless complexion, ideal shape, richest colors, ideally proportioned sizes.

Following the best traditions of French Master Enamelers like René Lalique,  Nicole Barr uses true vitreous enamel (hard fired glass) which is painstakingly applied by hand to 18 K gold and sterling silver – complemented with the finest diamonds, pearls and gemstones.

Ornamental ironwork found throughout the country has inspired Southern Gates Jewelry. Delicate filigree designs once forged in iron represent a legacy that continues through the presence of iron gates in cities and towns across the country and around the globe. Preserved in fine sterling silver jewelry, the Southern Gates Collection represents a timeless tradition that any woman can wear.


Italian artistry and craftsmanship complement bold styling and elegance.

Leslie’s fine jewelry features a variety of traditional, basic, and fashion trends in 14k gold, 10k gold, and sterling silver.

Celebrating 100 years, CITIZEN, a pioneer in watchmaking and innovative technology,

promotes excellence and creativity with a deep-rooted respect for craftsmanship.

Beautiful, Unique and Mysterious!  Come in and browse our collection of Estate and Preowned Jewelry.